Malaysia Book of Records “1st Crowdfunding Reality Show

Kuala Lumpur, (January 28th, 2022) – CROWDFACTOR X is going to take the world by storm with a whole new premise for a reality show. Recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records as an unprecedented production, CROWDFACTOR X challenges 8 outstanding entrepreneurs, also known as nation builders, to step out of their comfort zones and pitch their way to being crowdfunded USD 1 Billion.

CROWDFACTOR X is set to premiere on the 25th of February over a course of 3 episodes to be released daily. Vincent, the CEO of MoneySave, the sponsor of the event says ‘Being a part of such a momentous production has been an eye-opening achievement. To be able to do what we do is no easy feat and to be recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records above that is the icing on the cake.’

The premise of CROWDFACTOR X revolves around pitching. Every day, nation builders will need to pitch their way to safety as there will be a set number of spots in the next round. As the numbers lessen, the stakes get higher for each nation builder.

CROWDFACTOR X is a reality show targeted toward current and future entrepreneurs. As Ernie Chen, producer of CROWDFACTOR X emphasises ‘The entrepreneurial mindset is not about just chasing money, its about valuation. What we would like to accentuate to our audience is the stories behind these formidable nation builders. Their passion towards their craft is what makes them the successes they are today.’

With exceptional guest judges being featured every day, CROWDFACTOR is certain to bring a different feel to each of its episodes. Stay tuned until the 28th to witness who will outlast the rest and stand out as the Ultimate Nation Builder!

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